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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®It is a creative, constructive  and educational process, oriented towards training and strategic transformation. It is innovative and deeply experiential. It is based on research that has shown that by playing, we can learn and better understand our work and personal environment, its characteristics, possibilities and potential.

Dimensions of the company on which you work:Identity (relationship with the past, present and future), environment, processes, actions and decisions to be taken.

"The essence of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is the challenge and excitement of facing uncertainty."


No participant dominates at the expense of others (for example, through the application of a personal agenda).

That the meeting includes an honest communication of dialogue and collaboration.

That each participant is able to build according to their knowledge and opinions having equal conditions.



- There are opportunities to align and focus towards a particular goal.

- The issue is complex and multifaceted and there are no clear answers.

- There is a need to understand the big picture, see the connections and explore the various options and possible solutions.

- The participants are very diverse in age, experience, en  professional training (for example, engineering and marketing) or level in the organization.


All participants have a common understanding  which will allow it to have an impact on your work after the session.

Make decisions that each one commits to  to honor after the meeting, even if they do not fully agree.

Commitment of all the participants since all participated and were listened to. Everyone is part of the decisions made.

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